About us

Ekvity established its footprint in the autumn of 2015 (Earlier known as Finstream Consultancy LLP) and today the enterprise manages assets over INR 500 Million. Through strong Value picking principles and superior risk management policies, we have delivered an industry leading performance with a CAGR of ~66% (Time frame: 3 years).


Ekvity, is a very unique fusion. The multi-faceted word suggests; Ek - meaning One; Vity - means Finance in the native language, Hindi. Ekvity thus is the one-stop shop for all your financial needs. Ekvity believes in the tortoise approach. In the long run, consistency is more powerful than speed, and we follow this to its core in defining our investment strategies.

We are opportunity-focused, sector-agnostic investors, solely driven by one motto - Creation of Investor Wealth. With a lethal combo of passion & perseverance, Ekvity provides very niche wealth opportunities. Some of these are:

  • FOCG (Family Office Client Group)
  • Pre-IPO Investing
  • Back Office Financial Management (Audit and Assurance Services, Transaction Advisory, Insurance Services)

Ekvity believes in the joy of hand-holding!