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Mutual Funds

Out of a universe of more than 1,000 Open Ended Mutual Fund schemes, team Ekvity, microscopically analyses the best MF schemes for investors of various cadres.

The Three-Prong process consists of:

Understanding clients existing MF portfolio and drawing out a distribution of funds, basis the inherent fund asset class and simultaneously match it with client risk profile.

Understand the rebalancing required and in case of fresh investments advise on a combination of funds with overall risk capping.

Monitor the investments and the underlying assets of the MF and reshuffle funds on consultation with investors if required.


We make our clients invest in Direct Plans only and thus reach epitome transparency. We believe in creating wealth and then sharing, hence we work on a recovery model where investors is required to only pay each quarter on the average AUM.

Mutual Fund, is an important tool for investment and we strongly recommend our clients to diversify into certain Mutual Fund, which compliment our Direct Equity plans.


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