Our Conclave

Discover the power of collective intelligence at our conclave, where leading experts gather to share insights, inspire innovation and shape the future.


At Conclave, our annual event, we gather to exchange valuable insights on the markets and economy. It serves as a platform where we have the privilege of meeting our esteemed stakeholders and investors in person. The inception of our first conclave in 2019 was a resounding success, cherished by our team and highly applauded by our esteemed investor community. As professionals in Wealth Management and Equity Research, we believe it is crucial to share our expert insights about the economy and markets with our stakeholders. Conclave not only provides us with the opportunity to do so, but it also creates an enriching environment for meaningful interactions and valuable discussions.

Conclave 2024 ‘The Alchemy of Business Models’

In our 4th Annual Conclave themed "The Alchemy of Business Models" we explored the mystical and transformative processes that turn ideas into gold by throwing light on the art and science of crafting innovative and sustainable frameworks that drive success and growth.

It was a journey of an insightful exploration, an exploration into the intricate world of business transformations, focusing on the fusion of traditional and modern strategies where we shall delve into the intricacies of the oldest business models, unveiling the tapestry of commodities, innovations, and the profound intersections of psychology and philosophy in science and art that shape the essence of business.

We navigated through the tides of time, presenting a compelling narrative that unravelled the evolution of business models from the past to the present and extended a visionary gaze into the boundless possibilities of the future.

Conclave 2023 ’The East Turn’

As Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only Constant”. This phrase applies not only to all humans but also at a macro level to all the geographies as they go through several cycles be it Economical, Geopolitical, or Social.

Ekvity Conclave 2023 revolved around the idea of the change that has taken place in the world order post the events of 2020, from the Western Countries to the countries close to home, in the East.

Our team highlighted on the matter of:
What the changing World order is.
How it was caused
And its geopolitical, economic, and financial Effects.

Conclave 2020: The Evolution

Why ‘Evolution’?

Because the financial landscape was undergoing a seismic shift, we were determined to decode its intricacies

Technology wasn't just a buzzword in 2020—it was the driving force reshaping wealth strategies. AI, blockchain, and data analytics weren't distant concepts; they were the architects of a new era.

Sustainability wasn't just a trend; it was a mindset woven into investment strategies. Client expectations weren't static; they were evolving, demanding a paradigm shift in our approach.

Conclave 2020 wasn't just a reflection of the industry; it was a strategic deep dive into what lay ahead. We brought together pioneers and thought leaders to unravel the secrets of navigating this ever-evolving landscape.

Conclave 2019: Our First Annual Conclave

In 2019, the idea of having a Conclave as a wealth management company was driven by a profound recognition of the evolving financial landscape and the growing complexities individuals faced in managing their wealth.

Our founders were inspired by a shared vision to empower clients with tailored financial information, strategic insights, and a commitment to long-term financial well-being. The dynamic nature of the global economy and the increasing need for sophisticated wealth management services underscored the necessity for a client-centric approach that could navigate the intricacies of investment, taxation, and estate planning. Convinced that a holistic and personalized approach was paramount in delivering value, Conclave embarked on its journey with a mission to cultivate lasting financial success for its clients, leveraging expertise, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in sharing valuable insights on markets and more.